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The Graduate Institute of Industrial Management is a renowned organization for offering high-quality graduate-level education and performing outstanding research in industrial management. Founded in 1994, the institute has a mission to
 ● Educate top professionals in industrial management,
 ● Pursue academic and professional excellence, and
 ● Become a leading R&D organization.

To successfully achieve our missions, we have worked diligently, followed the world’s economic and other developments closely, and formed a strategic alliance with several domestic and international partners. In particular, we have strategically focused our teaching and research on supply chain management and related fields (including business management, planning & control, quality management, and e-business), devoted a substantial effort to integrate management knowledge with system engineering and implement analytical/quantitative methodologies with state-of-the-art information technologies, and established a close partnership with leading business solution providers such as SAP. Such a strategy has made us a top competitor in the academic community.

Our institute offers three graduate programs: Master of Science, Executive Master of Science, and Ph.D., and recruits several dozen students of different nationalities to enter these programs each year. Our Faculty members are seven highly qualified scholars that they all received a Ph.D. degree from some prestigious research-oriented university in the U.S. (such as Purdue and University of Wisconsin) and their combined expertise fully covers the supply chain fields mentioned in the above. Moreover, some of them possess an extensive work experience in the high-tech industry. Such diversified qualifications among our Faculty members have resulted in a nice balance for our research and teaching activities.

Our development strategy and faculty members are more than capable of creating an excellent environment for students to receive a solid training in research methodologies, to learn advanced management knowledge, and to develop independent research capabilities. In addition, our students also enjoy the rare opportunities to learn several state-of-the-art business solutions and decision making tools, including SAP (enterprise resource planning), OPL/CPLEX/Gurobi (optimization software), SAS and JMSL (statistical analysis), and Arena (simulation). Therefore, our graduating students are all “high-caliber” that they possess the management knowledge about how a business can run more efficiently as well as the practical skills to make that happen. Please go to Faculty and Research Labs for more information about our research activities and Curriculum for more information about our teaching and course offering.
Looking forward, the Graduate Institute of Industrial Management will continue its high standards for research and education. As part of an AACSB accredited School of Management, we will improve teaching on a continuous basis. And we will place an increasing focus on such issues as sustainable development, interdisciplinary research, innovative technology management and design thinking, and international collaboration.